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Thai Warrior Massage is an ancient traditional Thai therapy. Before the 13th century, this massage was used to heal injured warriors returning from war. Warrior Thai Massage was officially prohibited because Government considered is to be primitive. Teaching and practice were forbidden in public places but carried on in private, at the middle of Rattanakosin(King Rama VI, 1880-1925 period) due to building a modern nation from Siam into Thailand into western ways.
During the King Rama IX Bhumibol Adulyadej(1950 to 2016) period, the King greatly supported all
Thai holistic traditional medecine and massage approaches.In 1999
The Thai Protection Act and Thai Traditional Medecine Institut, with the new Ministry of Public Health was etablished. This time has been a renaissance for ancient Thai(Siamese) warrior massage

The modern unique Thai warrior massage therapy from Thailand is a combination between
traditional massage and Ruesri Datton(Thai Hermit Exercise) or
know as yoga massage together which was assembled by Master Jack Sharman or Mr.Pathompon Aiyarattanaruk, Thailand.
The combinations of rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting and deep stretching to aid tension relief and Promote the balance of circulating life force Energy in your body. Yes, this therapy bring you to feel an extraordinary sense of well-being afterwards and benefits both the récipients and therapist.


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